Beautiful fuchsia Bougainvillea flowers adorn the walls surrounding TRC


We started in a similar place to where many of you might be right now-


-with the realization that it’s not easy to find the right treatment center. In Southern California, there are certainly plenty of treatment centers to choose from. But, finding the right one isn’t easy. 

     So, we set out to design a treatment center that did things the right way. That means offering treatments uniquely tailored to each individual. It means safe and secure detoxification services, overseen by medical professionals 24/7.


Alt angle of pointed roof atop Spanish Colonial home
It also means having a “center” that feels more like a “luxury home.” Recovery can be very tough, your stay at a treatment center should not be. When we put together our staff, we wanted to hire the very best. “Best,” in this context, does not just mean “the best training/most highly qualified” (although, our staff absolutely is that). 
     Rather, it means we hired people who were the best at being supportive, at being there for their patients, at being friendly, kind, and helpful. With all of that in place, we’ve been able to put together a supportive, welcoming community that has helped folks to live their lives how they want. Now, we open our doors to you.


Alt view of backyard with lush lawns and wide shot of house in background.